FAQs - Tenant

Questions and answers for tenants

As a real estate manager we are your contact if you should have questions, remarks and problems. Over the years we have already received some inquiries and have collected them here for you:

Our office is staffed Mon - Thurs 9am - 6pm and Friday 9am - 4:30pm and is located at Am Borsigturm 44, 13507 Berlin.

Visibility check: Is the smoke penetration opening free and is the smoke alarm free of mechanical damage, remove dust or insects if necessary
Battery check: If the device indicates low battery power or the battery is exhausted. Please replace the old battery with a new one.
Function test: Depending on the manufacturer's instructions. For example, test monthly with test button to make sure the device is in working condition. If one of the smoke detectors is affected by an apparent defect, the tenant is obliged to immediately report the defect to the landlord or his representative.


Due to our long-term cooperation, we can recommend one of the best insurance providers thanks to a framework agreement with high discounts. Feel free to contact us.

Due to our long-term cooperation, we can recommend one of the best electricity suppliers thanks to a framework agreement with high discounts. Feel free to contact us.

Electricity must be registered with your selected electricity provider retroactively to the key handover date. Please refer to the apartment handover protocol for the meter number and meter reading.

  • Self-disclosure
  • Copy of identity card (front and back)
  • Proof of salary for the last three months or certificate of earnings
  • Confirmation from the previous landlord that there are no rent debts
  • SCHUFA information (to be obtained at: schufa.de)

By law, the landlord is entitled to have the tenant pay 3 net cold rents as a deposit.

You are welcome to purchase this independently and at your own expense in consultation with us.

Most units have a basement room. Please ask our leasing managers if you are inquiring about a specific apartment.

Cable TV is available in individual apartments. As usage is shifting more and more to InternetTV , all TV sets are connected to the Internet.

Often the consumption costs electricity/heating/water/DSL are already included in the rent (depending on the rented object). We try to calculate the rent including all utilities. If you have an above-average consumption of electricity/water/heating, we reserve the right to charge you. We expect our tenants to be responsible with the given resources.

If something is defective in your apartment, please inform us immediately in writing as part of your duty to cooperate. We will inform you about the further procedure and whether you can call in the janitor.

As a rule, you must register no later than one week after the move. If you miss the legal deadline, you may be fined or receive a warning. If you move within your city, you only have to re-register. If you move to another city within Germany, you must re-register your residence. In both cases, you will need your identity card or passport and a registration form at the Residents' Registration Office. A so-called processing fee is due for the registration/registration.

The rental debt-free certificate is proof that the future tenant has not left behind any rental debts from a previous tenancy and is issued by the previous landlord upon request. The landlord may charge a processing fee for the preparation of this certificate.

The SCHUFA credit report is a reliable report that can serve as proof for landlords and brokers. It contains only the data relevant to the business relationship, such as positive contract information and payment history. The information is subject to a fee.


We try to make a final decision together with the owner within approx. 4 working days and inform you immediately whether you can rent the apartment.

Keeping pets in the properties we manage is always owner dependent. If you are interested in renting, please inform us about your desired pet keeping before signing the contract and we will contact the owner.

For all our furnished apartments we also offer a cleaning service for a fee. Please contact us for this.