Your property management in Berlin

Competence, transparency, efficiency - that's what you and your property deserve. We see ourselves as trailblazers for national and international investors who want to invest in real estate in the vibrant capital. Together we will make your property a sustainable success.

We are EichenGlobal: Your property management in Berlin

Individual solutions We look at each property individually. Our property management in Berlin stands for tailor-made management packages to help you achieve your investment goals.

Transparency Our online portal gives you an insight into the administration at all times: from the financial report to the tenants.

Specialist knowledge The strength of our property management in Berlin lies in our local presence: we know the market and look after your property with the appropriate know-how.

Your property management near you

Berlin is a big city - with around 890 km2 and 3.7 million inhabitants, there is no need to emphasize just how big. This makes it all the more valuable to have a property management company in Berlin that knows its way around and finds the quickest way to your property. Our local presence enables us to act quickly. For you as the owner, this means: efficient solutions, fast support and less worry about your apartment buildings and apartments. Our proximity guarantees you personal contact and individual management concepts - adapted to the Berlin market.

What is the difference between a property management company and an apartment management company?

The term "property management" refers to the holistic management of an entire building. This includes tasks such as the upkeep and maintenance of a property or the management of ancillary costs. In short, property management ensures that your building functions as a whole: in accounting or enforcing the house rules, from the technical to the financial.

In contrast, residential management focuses specifically on individual residential or commercial units within a property. If you own rented out separate property, apartment management takes on tasks such as tenant support or managing rental contracts. It monitors rental income or prepares utility bills. This makes apartment management is a sub-area of property managementwhich acts as a superordinate company. On our EichenGlobal blog you can find out more about the different types of property management companies.

Self-management or professional property management in Berlin?

The self-administration offers you as the owner full control over your property. You advertise and look for tenants, you always have all the figures in view and can act quickly ... or lose track between piles of documents. Independent property management saves you money, but costs you a lot of time and a lot of lost knowledge. The daily challenges range from tenant communication to bookkeeping and maintenance.

A professional property management relieves you of all technical, legal and financial day-to-day tasks. You also benefit from

  • Specialist knowledgeWe have specialized market and management knowledge.
  • Time savingWe work in a particularly efficient and solution-oriented manner.
  • NetworkWe have access to a broad network of service providers and tradesmen, for example for the maintenance of your property.

What you can expect from EichenGlobal

How we work with you as the owner

Anyone who works with real estate needs to know people. In order to gain precise knowledge of your high demands on the property, we rely on personal cooperation. Our goal: to look after your property in the best possible way. As property management for national and international investors one of our tasks is to

  • Keep an eye on operating costs and ensure your liquidity
  • Maintenance measures to be taken
  • To act in the interests of maintaining and increasing value

To help you maintain an overview, we work with one of our EichenGlobal online portal. This is where all information and data is organized, visualized and analysed. This is how we create 360° support and transparency in administration. No matter where you are at the moment - you have all documents and data at your fingertips.

Let us advise you now without obligation!

Whether for your separate property, as WEG or rental management - we are at your side as market experts. Get to know us now without obligation and get a first impression of our know-how. Together we will see how we can meet your requirements and enter into a trusting partnership. We are the property management company in your area that understands your property - because we understand you as people and owners.

Property management references in Berlin

In over 10 years in the Berlin real estate industry we have acquired the greatest possible know-how. We make this expertise available to you with our services. Our focus is on the individual support for each individual propertyensuring that you find answers to all your needs. We have successfully managed a wide range of properties, from historic buildings to modern residential complexes. Get to know us personallyto get an idea of us and our references and our references.

Our experts have successfully taken over the management of a listed property and increased the satisfaction of the owners and tenants.

In a challenging renovation project, we coordinated the repair of a listed building and increased the value of the property.

We took over the management of an apartment building and increased the return for the owners through efficient processes.

Through our professional tenant management, we were able to significantly reduce the vacancy rate in a residential complex and thus increase income for the owners.

We have taken over the management of a new construction project in Berlin Tiergarten and ensured successful leasing of the apartments.

Thanks to our legal expertise, we were able to help an owner enforce house rules and ensure harmonious coexistence.

You ask, we answer: About Berlin property management companies

In this FAQ section, we answer frequently asked questions about property management. Here you will find valuable information and insights to help you better understand the general services and our benefits better. Due to our many years of experience, the focus is naturally on the Berlin market.

How does a property management company in Berlin help me to let my property?

To ensure the liquidity of your property, one of the most important tasks of a property management company is to avoid vacancies in rental properties. To support you in renting out rental units or an entire property, we take over the ...

  • ... Market analyses: Taking into account legal regulations such as rent caps, we determine appropriate rents
  • ... the marketing and ensure the professional professional presentation of your property. We advertise on various platforms to find new tenants.
  • ... the tenant selection. We carry out viewings and carefully screen potential tenants.
  • ... the contract management and take responsibility for legally compliant rental agreements.
  • ... the apartment handover. Renovation and maintenance work may have to be commissioned beforehand.
  • ... the ongoing supportWe are available for rental inquiries and complaints and take care of regular property monitoring.

How can I change my property management company?

Changing your property management company is similar to any other contract change:

  1. Familiarize yourself with your current termination conditions familiarize yourself with them.
  2. Look for a new property management companythat meets your requirements and covers all relevant services. Start by researching and then contact them personally. Only with this step can all questions be answered.
  3. Once you have found a new property management company, submit the termination for your current contract in writing.
  4. Organize the handover and collect all the relevant documents for your property. Ask the new property management company for support.
  5. Inform your tenants about the change in property management and communicate contact details and availability.

What does property management cost in Berlin?

Of course, we cannot give a universal answer to this question. The costs for property management in Berlin vary depending on the scope of the service and the size of the property or apartments. For example, we charge €45 per unit/per month for our condominium management. Our condominium management service will take care of all your administrative tasks for €35 per unit/per month.

How can EichenGlobal increase the value of my property as a property manager?

Through regular maintenance and targeted modernization we not only maintain the condition of your property - we also ensure that it increases in value. With regular market analyses, we ensure that rents remain in line with the market. Through the additional availability of tenant concerns we promote long-term tenant satisfaction - which leads to longer tenancies and fewer vacancies. Thanks to our many years of experience in the Berlin market, we are familiar with the relevant legal provisions and protect you from legal risks.