Professional energy management

EichenGlobal is your partner for efficient energy management and comprehensive energy consulting. We support you in reducing energy costs and finding sustainable solutions for your properties.

Cost savings

Through targeted energy management, we identify potential savings and support you in implementing efficient measures.


We help you optimize your energy consumption and thus reduce your environmental footprint.

Legal certainty

With our know-how, we ensure that your properties comply with legal regulations and standards.

Energy audit and optimization

We conduct comprehensive energy audits and analyze your energy consumption and the efficiency of your buildings. We then develop individual optimization concepts and accompany you during implementation.

When do investments in energy management pay off?

The payback period for investments in energy management varies depending on the type of building and the measures selected. In many cases, however, significant cost savings can be realized after just a few months. 

There are numerous funding programs for energy efficiency measures at national and regional level. As an experienced energy management service provider, we advise you on the current funding opportunities and support you in the application process.

Our services in the field of energy management and consulting

Our range of services includes energy audits, optimization concepts, energy efficiency consulting, subsidy consulting and support in the implementation of energy efficiency measures. 

With our expertise in the field of energy management, we also support you in the introduction of an energy management system according to ISO 50001 and accompany you on the way to certification.

What you can expect from EichenGlobal

Energy efficiency consulting

We provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of energy efficiency and show you how to optimize your energy consumption and save costs.

Subsidy consulting

We support you in applying for funding for energy efficiency measures and inform you about current funding programs.

Implementation support

We accompany you during the implementation of energy efficiency measures and ensure that the planned measures are successfully realized.

Building services engineering

Installation of energy efficient heating and ventilation systems, modern lighting systems and smart home systems.


Raise awareness of energy efficiency among building occupants and encourage them to actively contribute to energy conservation.

Energy plans

Determine the goals, measures and responsibilities for increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

EichenGlobal is the right partner for your energy management

A good energy management partner is characterized by comprehensive expertise, individual approaches to solutions and a proven track record. We will be happy to advise you in a free initial consultation.

Existing projects & references

Our experts have successfully taken over the management of a listed property and increased the satisfaction of the owners and tenants.

In a challenging renovation project, we coordinated the repair of a listed building and increased the value of the property.

We took over the management of an apartment building and increased the return for the owners through efficient processes.

Through our professional tenant management, we were able to significantly reduce the vacancy rate in a residential complex and thus increase income for the owners.

We have taken over the management of a new construction project in Berlin Tiergarten and ensured successful leasing of the apartments.

Thanks to our legal expertise, we were able to help an owner enforce house rules and ensure harmonious coexistence.

EichenGlobal - Top management for your buildings and real estate

Are you ready to optimize the energy efficiency of your property and benefit from the advantages of professional energy management? Use our interactive contact form and let us discuss your individual needs and goals together. Our experts are ready to assist you with customized solutions and comprehensive advice.

How does energy management in the real estate industry contribute to increasing the value of buildings?

Efficient energy management in the real estate sector not only helps to reduce energy costs and environmental impact, but can also increase the attractiveness and value of buildings. Implementing energy efficiency measures reduces operating costs, which has a positive impact on the overall return on real estate. 

In addition, the use of modern technologies and compliance with sustainability standards can extend the life of buildings and increase tenant satisfaction. Investments in energy management thus pay off in the long term and contribute to a sustainable increase in the value of the property.

Which energy efficiency measures are particularly relevant for buildings?

In real estate management, there are many ways to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. These include insulating facades and roofs, installing modern heating and ventilation systems, using renewable energies, optimizing lighting and using intelligent building technology. 

A comprehensive analysis of the energy demand enables the identification of savings potentials and the development of targeted measures. The selection of suitable measures depends on the individual circumstances of the building, the needs of the tenants and the financial possibilities of the real estate management.

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How do we support real estate companies in implementing measures?

A professional energy management service provider accompanies real estate companies in identifying, planning and implementing energy efficiency measures in buildings. This initially involves a comprehensive analysis of energy consumption to uncover potential for cost savings and efficiency improvements. Individual solutions and optimization measures are then developed to meet the needs of property management and tenants.

In addition, the service provider provides support in applying for subsidies and certifications in order to take advantage of financial incentives for energy efficiency projects. Through continuous energy monitoring and regular consulting, the energy management service provider ensures that the implemented measures bring the desired success and that further optimization potential is identified.

How can tenants be involved in energy efficiency measures?

Involving tenants in energy efficiency measures is an important factor for the success of sustainable real estate management. Open dialog and transparent communication about the targeted goals and measures promote understanding and acceptance among tenants. Targeted training and information events can raise tenants' awareness of energy efficiency and motivate them to take action themselves.

Another approach is to provide incentives and rewards for energy-efficient behavior by tenants. For example, perks or rewards can be offered to tenants who reduce their energy consumption or participate in community energy efficiency projects. Involving tenants in the energy management process promotes sustainable changes in the building and supports the long-term goals of real estate management.