Real estate renting made easy

Renting your property professionally with EichenGlobal offers you numerous advantages and ensures a smooth and stress-free process.

Fast renting

We quickly and reliably find the right tenant for your property to avoid vacancies and maximize returns.

Effective marketing

We effectively market your property or properties on various platforms such as social media or print media to find suitable tenants.

Individual solutions

We offer customized solutions to market your property in the best possible way and achieve the highest possible rental price.

Real estate leasing and property management: Our all-in-one package

Effective property management is critical to successful real estate leasing. At EichenGlobal , we offer you an all-inclusive carefree package that covers all aspects of letting, from property valuation and tenant selection to ongoing property management. 

Rent optimization: rent out your property at the best price and sustainably increase the return on investment

Professional rent optimization is critical to achieving the perfect rental price for your property. At EichenGlobal , we use our industry knowledge and experience to help you determine the best possible rental price and maximize your return on investment.

Learn more about our rent optimization and how we can successfully rent out your property. We look forward to hearing from you.

Legally compliant rental agreements: Protect your interest as a landlord

The conclusion of a legally secure lease agreement is essential to protect your interests as a landlord. At EichenGlobal , we draw up individually adapted and legally secure rental agreements that meet all legal requirements and protect both your interests and those of your tenants.

Find out more about our expertise in landlord and tenant law and how we can help you draft legally secure leases.

What you can expect from EichenGlobal

Object evaluation

We professionally evaluate your property and determine the optimal rental price.

Tenant selection

We find the perfect tenant for your property through thorough screening and selection.

Contract design

We draw up legally compliant rental agreements that protect your interests in the best possible way.

Handover and acceptance

We organize the handover and acceptance of the apartment and document the condition of the property.

Performance after renting

We are also available after the rental for questions, concerns and problems of any kind with our experts to assist you.

Additional services

Choose from our range of additional services to make your rental process even more enjoyable.

EichenGlobal is the right partner for the rental of your properties

Trust our expertise and many years of experience in the real estate industry. We are the right partner for your real estate.

Existing projects & references

Through our professional tenant management, we were able to significantly reduce the vacancy rate in a residential complex and thus increase income for the owners.

We have taken over the management of a new construction project in Berlin Tiergarten and ensured successful leasing of the apartments.

Thanks to our legal expertise, we were able to help an owner enforce house rules and ensure harmonious coexistence.

Our experts have successfully taken over the management of a listed property and increased the satisfaction of the owners and tenants.

In a challenging renovation project, we coordinated the repair of a listed building and increased the value of the property.

We took over the management of an apartment building and increased the return for the owners through efficient processes.

EichenGlobal - Top management for your buildings and real estate

Working with EichenGlobal offers numerous benefits, such as professional property valuations, selection of suitable tenants and legally compliant rental agreements. Contact us today to find out how we can help you rent out your property. Our experts will be happy to assist you.

Renting real estate as a lucrative investment with top prospects for the future

Renting out real estate is an attractive capital investment that has proven its worth in times of low interest rates and rising real estate prices.

If you invest in a property and rent it out, you will benefit from regular rental income and increases in the value of the property. With the support of EichenGlobal , you ensure that you exploit the full potential of your property and achieve maximum returns.

Our professional rental of real estate includes the creation of an individual marketing concept, the execution of viewing appointments and the selection of the appropriate tenant. Through our many years of experience and the use of modern technologies, we ensure a smooth process and long-term success of your capital investment.

Energy-efficient real estate rental for sustainable returns

Leasing energy-efficient properties not only offers environmental benefits, but can also lead to higher returns.

Energy efficiency is an important topic in today's world, also in the real estate rental sector. Landlords who modernize their properties in terms of energy efficiency and rely on sustainable technologies benefit from greater attractiveness on the rental market. Tenants are placing more and more value on energy efficiency and are willing to pay higher rents for corresponding properties.

With EichenGlobal , you are relying on a partner who stands by your side when it comes to renting energy-efficient properties in order to achieve sustainable returns in the long term. We advise you on the modernization and optimization of your property and find tenants who appreciate the value of an energy-efficient property.

News, updates and appropriate topics: Our EichgenGlobal Blog

In our blog section you will find numerous exciting articles on the subject of renting, selling and real estate management itself.

How to find the right tenant? Successful methods for tenant selection

Finding the right tenant is crucial to successful real estate leasing. A reliable and long-term satisfactory tenant contributes to maintaining the value of your property and ensures regular rental income.

First, it's important to define a precise target audience for your property. Consider what type of tenant best suits your property: Families, students or commuters? After you have defined the target group, you can advertise your property specifically and create appealing advertisements.

Careful screening of potential tenants is key to successful leasing. Request necessary documents from prospective tenants, such as proof of salary, a credit report and references from previous landlords.

Getting to know prospective tenants in person is also important. Arrange viewing appointments and use this opportunity to get to know the potential tenant better and clarify any open questions.

With our experience and thorough screening, we ensure that you find the right tenant for your property who is reliable and satisfactory for the long term.

What legal aspects of renting real estate should be considered?

Legal security in real estate leasing is essential to provide protection and security for you as a landlord. Our experts draw up legally secure rental agreements and advise you on all legal aspects of real estate leasing. We ensure that your property is let in accordance with current laws and regulations to prevent potential conflicts and protect your rights as a landlord.

Our team continuously follows the latest developments and changes in landlord and tenant law and incorporates these findings into our consulting practice. This enables us to ensure that our clients are always well informed and up-to-date when it comes to the legal aspects of real estate leasing.

Whether it is a question of the correct drafting of rental agreements, the enforcement of rent increases or the clarification of ancillary cost accounts - we are at your side as a competent partner and support you in the legally secure letting of your property. Trust in our expertise and let us navigate you through the legal jungle of real estate leasing.