FAQs - Landlord

Questions and answers for landlords

As a real estate manager we are your contact if you should have questions, remarks and problems. Over the years we have already received some inquiries and have collected them here for you:

Our office is staffed Mon - Thurs 9am - 6pm and Friday 9am - 4:30pm and is located at Am Borsigturm 44, 13507 Berlin.

One-time: Real estate transfer tax (GESt)
Quarterly: Real estate tax (GSt)
Annually: Income tax on rental income (ESt) from real estate located in Germany.
An income tax return must be submitted annually to the responsible tax office.
A tax advisor should be consulted for this purpose.

That depends on the invoice. Contact us, our staff will be happy to help you.

The property tax assessment amount is determined by the local tax office for the calculation of the property tax to be paid on a regular basis. 

The increase of the house fees is basically based on various topics, including the general economic situation and also the build-up of a reserve. In this respect, it is important to note that the payments for the reserve are not apportionable to the tenant. The subject of apportionable and non-apportionable costs, should the apportionable costs of the house charge statement increase, the costs to the tenant also increase, an adjustment to this effect is only possible with the preparation of the operating cost statement, depending on whether the operating cost statement of the tenant has a credit or an additional payment.

The apportionable costs, which are settled in the building charges, are charged to the tenant as part of the operating costs settlement. See apportionable and non-apportionable costs/property charges.

The running costs of their property include:

  • Housing allowance for building management apartment and pitch (heating, water, garden, house cleaning, etc.).
  • Property tax
  • depending on order/contract EichenGlobal Management for Basic Service
  • depending on the assignment/contract condominium management:

Our furnished apartments are equipped with above-average furniture and living accessories. If you are missing something, you are welcome to acquire it in consultation with us at your own expense.

Depending on the current demand situation, we actually rent out properties within a few weeks. The period depends on the object, location, equipment and the amount of the rent.

As soon as we have access to your property, we will prepare it for renting and immediately start to acquire tenants. Appointments are made with prospective tenants to view the property and documents are checked to verify the creditworthiness of the potential tenant. Only serious tenants who have been checked by us will be presented to you as the owner if they are still interested. You inform us within 2 days whether the tenant and the rental conditions meet your requirements.

Often the consumption costs electricity/heating/water/DSL are already included in the rent (depending on the rented object). We try to calculate the rent including all additional costs. If you have an above-average consumption of electricity/water/heating, we reserve the right to recalculate. We expect our tenants to be responsible with the given resources.

Rent is due monthly on the 3rd business day and will be transferred by us to the bank account you have provided us with after deducting your regular payment obligations.

EichenGlobal offers services that make it easier for landlords/property owners to manage their properties. If you are interested in buying or selling your property, please contact us.

Yes, our premium services include, among others, organizing and supervising the furnishing with furniture, decoration, household appliances and kitchens.